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Gluten-Free Galaxy Cupcakes

I'm not a recipe maker, and I don't like taking credit for recipes. At the same time, I do need to compile the recipes that I use, and sometimes I have a couple tips that work well for me, and I share those!

Check out the recipe to the Cake here:



- I had self-raising flour, and so I didn't use any baking powder. I'm based in Dubai and the brand I bought is called Freee by Doves Farm. Worked really well!

- I didn't use xantham gum for this recipe.

*This was the first time I was using gluten-free flour and I'd heard that xantham gum might be used in some gluten-free recipes, but not in this one. Honestly the recipe was so good I didn't touch it otherwise.


I have a classic icing recipe that I use anytime I want to use buttercream recipe, and it works like a charm! Not too buttery, and not too sugary.


Tip for first-time bakers:

- Do not melt the butter. It just doesn't keep the consistency for the icing well at all! I just keep the butter out of the fridge for a couple hours (depends on the season too of where you're at).

I call these cupcakes galaxy cupcakes because of the stars and the colours I used. :) You can opt to use a single colour, or to do what I'd done..

If you don't have a twin cake decorating icing bottle, you can do this instead:

- Spread out cling wrap on your counter top, in a fairly large size.

- Take the icing and place it on the cling wrap, spreading it long and narrow. Repeat with the other colours on the side.

- Roll the cling wrap over and twist each end so it's locked in. Snip a small tip off the end of one side, and place inside an icing bag (doesn't get too messy then either!)

Pretty neat trick, hey?

More tips here and how I'd learnt the same:


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