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Homemade Nutella - Free from Palm Oil

Ever since I found out that you could make Nutella at home, I'd been eager to try it out. I firmly believe that anything made at home can be at least half as healthy, as opposed to buying something off the shelf.

Not to mention the controversy around Palm Oil in Nutella.

The one thing that I did find out in the process of making this delicious chocolate delight is that although there's no direct input of Palm Oil itself, the ingredients that you use within the recipe could also contain the same. This may seem obvious, yet it's easy to assume that making Nutella at home labels your chocolate jar as 'Palm Oil free'. I.e. Palm Oil is a common ingredient in cocoa powder, vegetable oil, and semi-sweet cooking chocolate, amongst others.

Coming to the recipe, this was super easy, and turned out exactly as the author of the recipe had mentioned. So so good! I personally enjoy knowing what ingredients I'm using in making my food as well :)

If you want to go the extra mile to avoid Palm Oil in all of the ingredients (one step that I aim to reach in my search for the various ingredients for the recipe), check out the below list to find the ingredients that you could use to make your homemade Nutella truly Palm Oil free.


Compared to my other recipes, this blog post considers the thought of the environment as well. If you can make something at home that's probably better for your body, and you can also play a small role in helping the environment, why not?

Check out the recipe below if you'd like to try it out!


P.s. It's delicious! Don't know if the photo conveys the same, but this homemade Nutella recipe was worth the effort!

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