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Rich Two-Layer Chocolate Cake

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

This delicious cake was a big hit with my family! Despite the ferrero rocher decor, the cake is purely a rich chocolate cake that I'd adapted from a red velvet cake recipe I know quite well. I've linked the recipe to it below. :)


- Remove red food colouring

- Add two tablespoons of cocoa powder

Make sure to not overbeat this cake batter, else you'll lose out on the moist texture!



Chocolate Buttercream Recipe:

I opted for a smooth buttercream recipe, which was super easy!


The only thing I changed in this recipe was adding a bit of extra butter (roughly two tablespoons) to get rid of the sugary texture.

Splitting the cake:

Since this was a two-layer cake, I made two batches of the cake (the recipe is large enough if you use a 9x15in round tray).

To split the cake, I use toothpicks and a knife, as well as precise measurements. Don't flake off on this part, else your cake could be lopsided. Check out the tutorial for more tips :)


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