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Simple and Semi-Healthy Spinach & Mushroom Quiche

I recently experimented with making a spinach & mushroom quiche, and it was pretty good! Happy to say that it was semi-healthy too, or at least, I thought so :)

Pastry base -


280g flour (either whole wheat or plain - up to you)

140g cold butter, cut into cubes (and extra for the pie dish)

8 tbsps cold water

1st layer -


Drizzle of olive oil

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 cup finely chopped onions

1-2 cloves of garlic, grated or minced

1 cup chopped spinach

3/4 cup mushrooms

2nd layer -


3 eggs

1/2 cup of milk (skim if you prefer; I used full-fat though)

1/4 tsp of salt

Pepper to taste

Topping -


1 cup grated Montgomery-Colby Jack/Swiss Cheese, as per own preference

Putting together the quiche


1. Knead the flour and butter together until crumbled.

2. Add in the water by tablespoon, until the mixture starts to mould together. Form the dough into a ball and let it sit.

Tip: I let the butter soften just a tad to make it easier to make the dough

3. For the 1st layer, drizzle some olive oil in a large pan, and stir-fry the onions and garlic together for 3-4 minutes until soft. Add in salt.

4. Toss the mushrooms for another 1-2 minutes as the mixture becomes golden-brown.

5. Add in the spinach and let it wilt, turn off heat and set the pan aside to cool the veggie mixture.

6. For the 2nd layer, in a medium-size bowl, blend together the eggs, milk, salt and pepper on high speed for approximately 1-2 minutes, until frothy. Set aside.

7. Heat the oven at 180 degrees C - or 350 degrees F - .

8. Roll out the pastry dough till about 2cm thick (or as preferred), and carefully lift to set in the 9-inch pie dish. Using your fingers, push the pastry into the corners of the tin. Let the pastry bake for roughly 8 minutes.

Tip: Spray some cooking oil or spread some butter to allow for the slices to come out easier once baked.

9. Bring out the pastry dish, and add in the layer of veggies. Next, pour over the contents of the egg mixture.

10. Finally, top up with the grated cheese and bake for 40-45 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out clean.

I found this recipe quite easy! I hope you do too :) I'm hoping to make a butternut version of a quiche, so stay tuned if you like quiches as much as I do!

Happy cooking! Xx

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