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Whole Wheat Doughnuts - Part 1

There used to be a time when I would crave for doughnuts - and buy a box of all the different flavours! Given how health conscious I've become though, it's different now.

Yet I do still have my occasional change of heart when I'd like to munch on a doughnut (or two). Although it would be nice if it was healthier, right?

Well, I found this recipe and tried it out!


Here are my thoughts on it.

#1 - It was really easy! With few ingredients and a small batch, this is perfect to experiment with for an alternate option to add on for your next coffee with your friends.

#2 - This didn't come out as soft as I'd expected it to. This was one concern and why I've written 'part 1', because I'd like to tweak the consistency or try out other recipes and then put up another blog post on the same.

#3 - The recipe isn't sweet, which, depending on your taste - you can figure out if you'd like it or not.

You can also add on icing (like I did, shown below) if you'd like to sweeten up the doughnut, or stick to the cinnamon and sugar combination that's recommended.

I actually used the Homemade Nutella recipe I tried out last week & organic peanut butter as my two topping options for the doughnuts, versus a sweeter icing.

So there you go! Hope you like the recipe that's been suggested, and happy baking! Xx

Let me know in the comments section if you have an alternate recipe that I could try out too :)

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